Introducing Innovia Blinds & Screenline

Blinds by Intigral – Invention Beyond Convention

Intigral is the fenestration industry’s fully integrated insulating glass resource. From our multiple plants in Ohio, Intigral supplies just-in-time, customized insulating glass units (IGU) and monolithic glass products to window and door manufacturers from the Midwest States to the Mid-Atlantic.

This year, Intigral continued the company goal of innovation by introducing Blinds by Intigral, featuring Innovia Blinds for custom and stock insulating glass units, along with Screenline products.

Innovia Blinds is convenient for end users and smart for manufacturers. Innovia Blinds work inside the IGU to deliver true innovation and consistent performance.

Innovia Blinds are custom manufactured to fit the exact dimensions of windows and doors required to serve all your needs with industry leading production times. Our blinds also feature an improved cord stack due to patented lift/tilt hardware, no slip gear belts, a patented lower-gear anchor and a self-leveling bottom rail. Innovia blinds are substantially made in the USA.

Whether you need blinds between glass or kits you can install, Blinds by Intigral can enhance your company product offerings.